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Welcome to Number Plate Seek: The Free Reverse Number Search Website

O ur website provides a free number plate searching and tracking service. Have you ever been the victim of road rage, a hit and run accident or someone else's foolish driving and have been unable to get the details on the driver to pursue them via the courts or otherwise?

This website is the perfect tool to search for out details on a vehicle.

Number Plate Searches:
Obtain the vehicle owner details and residence and other information you want on practically any number plate in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and Western Europe! Plate checks usually take less than 1 minute to obtain important information about the person... and your searches are always discreet.

Our database is linked to the same databases used by the transport departments and law enforcement.

Number PlatesSearch Results May Include:

•  First and Last Name
•  Current Address
•  Vehicle History
•  Accident History
•  Driving History


Search results may take up to 2 minutes depending on your connection. Please be patient.

* Disclaimer - Please note what you do with the results are not the responsibility of the website.


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